Cupboard wall 1.4

White cupboard wall for washing machine and dryer | With washing basket cupboards | Consists of: 4x WSCS1462 + 2x WSGN087 + 4x WSCN087

plus 100% safe (TÜV-certified)
plus Modular system
plus Perfect working height
Expected delivery: 3-4 weeks


Washtower® lets you create a well-organised and user-friendly laundry room where it’s a joy to do laundry. This cupboard wall raises your washing machine and dryer to the perfect working height, so you don’t have to bend while doing the laundry. The drawers underneath have room to store a laundry basket and/or other laundry supplies. While loading and unloading the machines, the pull-out trays can be used to place the laundry basket. The tall top cabinets (with 2 shelves) have plenty of space to store laundry detergent, ironing supplies, linens, clothing and more. Extra convenient: the laundry basket cupboards on the sides let you keep dirty laundry out of sight. The pipes are concealed behind the cabinet, giving your laundry room an uncluttered and tidy look & feel.

The special construction of the cupboard absorbs vibrations. The cupboard is made of 22 mm-thick high-quality chipboard with a melamine coating, similar to many models of bathroom and kitchen cupboards. This makes the cupboard moisture-resistant. The machine is placed on a metal base plate with raised edges, so that no moisture can enter the cupboard. An anti-tip device in front of the machine prevents it from falling out. There is a ventilation grate on the top of the cupboard.

The wall brackets provided can be used to secure the cupboard up to 5 cm from the wall. The cupboard does not have a back panel behind the machine and there is 5 cm of space for pipes in the cupboard itself. This means there is a total of 10 cm of space. If you need more space, contact our customer service team for advice.

This cupboard has been tested by the TÜV, the German government-authorised inspection institution, which granted certification for our products, so we can proudly claim that our washing machine cupboards are 100% safe and that we can offer the highest quality guarantee in the industry. 

It should be noted that our washing machine cupboards are delivered as a construction kit and without machines.

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Dimensions: 268x233x65 cm (WxHxD)
Colour: white
Suitable for washing machine, dryer or (floor-standing or tabletop) refrigerator/freezer
With drawer and pull-out tray
Order of cupboards and door opening direction can be determined during installation
With 4 top cabinets, including 2 shelves
Anti-tip device
Metal base plate
Ventilation grate
Fitted with adjustable feet
Soft-close system
Includes wall brackets for wall mounting
No back panel so machine can be easily connected
Appliance recess dimensions: 62.6x86.3x58.9 cm (WxHxD)
Drawer dimensions: 54.5x30.5(functional storage height)x43.5 cm (WxHxD)
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