What is the delivery time for the cupboards?
How does delivery take place?
What is the delivery fee?
I don't need my order yet. Can I also order on call?

Product characteristics

Can the cupboard (WSCS146-(2)) hold a heavy washing machine of up to 120 kg?
In what colours is the cupboard available?
Out of which material are cupboards made, chipboard or MDF?
Is the cupboard material moisture-resistant?
What are the dimensions of the basic cupboard? (WSCS1462)
How high will my washing machine or dryer be positioned in the WSCS146(2)?
Do the cupboards (WSCS146(2) & WSTT185) have a back panel?
What is the height of the cupboard set-up with one or two top cabinets?
What is the soft-closing device?
Can I put my washing machine in a cupboard?
Can you put a washer and dryer in a cabinet?
Why a spacer between washer and dryer?
What is the Tüv certification? And what does it mean for my cabinet?


Where do I find the assembly instructions?
Does the cupboard have to be mounted on the wall?
Can I make a cut-out in the cupboard?
Does the faucet fit inside the cupboard and behind the washing machine?
At what height does the faucet, drain, etc. have to be installed?

I’m concerned about ....

How heavy can my washing machine be?
Can the cupboard for the washing machine and dryer withstand all the vibrations?
Is the washing machine cupboard strong enough?
Can the cupboard fall over?
Can the washing machine fall out of the cupboard during the spin cycle?

Utility room

How can I hide my washing machine in the kitchen?
Can I put my washing machine in the bathroom?
Can washing machines be built in?
How can I make my utility room look nice?
How do you maximize space in a small utility room?