Finally, a joy to do the laundry!

Treat yourself to the convenience of a well-organised and user-friendly laundry room. Washtower lets you easily create a custom washing machine cupboard with the perfect working height and cupboard layout. Doing laundry has never been easier.

The only 100% safe washing machine cupboard in Europe

Washtower® cupboards are TÜV-certified. In fact, we are the only supplier in Europe that can guarantee a 100% safe washing machine cupboard. That makes us proud.

✓ The washing machine cupboard cannot fall over.
✓ Vibrations are absorbed in the washing machine cupboard.
✓ Machines cannot fall out of the washing machine cupboard.
✓ No loss of warranty for your washing machine/dryer.
✓ Suitable for heavy washing machines

Design your own washing machine cupboard

Whether you have a large or small, high or low utility room, our modular cupboard system fits anywhere. Design your own washing machine cupboard using our handy configurator. Enter the number of appliances and we’ll help you with the basic layout. You then choose the look, cupboard layout and colour. All cupboards are combinable.

What makes Washtower® cupboards 100% safe?

The cupboard cannot fall/ tip over

The wall anchors supplied ensure secure wall mounting.

The cupboard absorbs vibrations

Thanks to the innovative construction model, the cupboard (WSCS146(2)) absorbs all vibrations.

The cupboard will not sag

The cupboard is suitable for heavier machines. It will not sag due to heavy machines.

No warranty loss on appliances

Given that TÜV Rheinland found the Washtower® cupboard to be safe, the warranty and product liability are maintained, also when the washing machine is raised.

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The perfect solution for every utility room

Washtower® washing machine cupboards can be used for not only a washing machine and dryer, but also a refrigerator and freezer, ironing board, laundry baskets, vacuum cleaner, linens, clothing and more. It’s the perfect custom solution for any utility room, bathroom or laundry room. Need help designing your utility cupboard? Feel free to call or email us.

No more bending while doing the laundry
Optimal storage space
Less noise nuisance
✓ Suitable for virtually every brand of washer and dryer

Why everyone chooses Washtower® cupboards

Highest quality warranty

Due to the TÜV certification you're ensured to receive a cupboard of high quality

Custom advice

We have in-house experts who can give you free advice on how to arrange your ideal laundry room

Delivery on appointment

Our transport partners will call you upfront to discuss a date for delivery

No warranty loss

Don't lose the warranty on your appliances