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Washtower Basic Cabinet

The package consists of the washing machine cabinet for your washer or dryer.

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Make yourself comfortable with the Washtower

You may dislike washing because of the constant bending when loading and unloading the washing machine. However, with this washing machine enhancer, the bending is a thing of the past. This product raises the washing machine to an ideal height for operation, leaving enough storage space underneath.

The Washtower is available in various models. The Washtower comes in the form of an easy to assemble kit. The Washtower is suitable for a washer or dryer of any size.

Neat, noiseless and functional
Making your housekeeping tasks easier, this washing machine enhancer also doubles as a dryer. Because it is raised, it provides additional storage space underneath. There is even enough space to fit regular laundry baskets.

Can the tap fit in the cabinet behind the washing machine?
Yes, a compact flat tap fits. If you have a different wall tap, there are 3 options:

  1. You can turn the tap a quarter turn so that everything in the cabinet remains hidden.
  2. You can place the tap next to the cabinet within easy reach.
  3. You can mount the cabinet 5 cm away from the wall to give you over 10 cm of space for piping.

Product description
The wastower for the washing machine and/ or dryer consists of:

  • 1 corrugated board
  • Aluminum ventilation grill
  • Metal base plate
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Measures 145cm in height, 65cm in diameter and 67cm wide.
  • Weight: 75kg