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Can the cabinet carry a heavy washing machine of 100+ KG?
Yes, the 22 mm thick bottom plate can take washing machines weighing up to 120 kg. The outer panels offer extra reinforcement and the cabinet has been specially constructed so that it can absorb vibrations. It has also been tested by the TÜV with a 120 kilo + machine.

Is the material moisture resistant?
Yes, the cabinet's frame is made from high-quality 22mm thick sheet material. The top panel has a melamine finish (just like lots of kitchen and bathroom fittings) while the extra strong edges are resistant to swelling.

What are the dimensions of the cabinet?
Outside dimensions: 67 cm wide x 145 cm high (excluding adjustable feet) x 65 cm deep
Inside dimensions of the recess for the washing machine: 62 cm wide x 87 cm high x 65 cm deep.

Does the case have a back wall?
No, the cabinet is completely open on the back and the drawer section under the washing machine compartment is 60 cm deep. This makes it easier to connect everything.

How heavy can a washing machine be?
The cabinet has been tested with the heaviest machines.

Can the Washtower stop vibrations?
Yes, the cabinet is built up from a specially developed bottom plate. This type of construction allows the material to efficiently absorb vibrations.

How can you assure me that the wash tower is strong enough?
The Washtower is TÜV certified. It has been tested by TÜV Rheinland for mechanical and functional security as well as user-friendliness. So far, it's unique in that it's the world's first fully tested washing machine cabinet.

Can the cabinet fall over?
No, each cabinet comes with 4 large wall brackets and 4 x 8 cm anchors so that it can be firmly fixed against a wall.

Can the washing machine vibrate out of the tower when spinning?
No, we have developed a patented tipping fuse so you can be 100% sure that your machine could never vibrate out of the cabinet.

How did you solve the moisture problem?
We devised a special metal base plate that is supplied as standard with each basic cabinet. It has raised sides and is rounded at both front and rear. The plate is placed underneath the washing machine so that any moisture residue can't be pulled back into the cabinet's connection points.

How high is the setup with one or two set-up cabinets?
When you place a 61 cm cabinet on top of the basic cabinet, the total height is 206 cm inxcl.  adjustable feet. With a top box of 87 cm, the total height is 232 cm incl. the adjustable feet.

Can I make a hole in the cabinet?
Yes, You can make a hole in any part of the cabinet. If you want the tap next to the cabinet, make a access hole for the water supply in the side. Often, water outlets protrude from the floor; since the bottom plate runs up to the wall, you can easily make a recess to connect the water outlet hose.

Can the tap fit in the cabinet behind the washing machine?
Yes, a compact flat tap fits. If you have a different wall tap, there are 3 options:
  1. You can turn the tap a quarter turn so that everything in the cabinet remains hidden.
  2. You can place the tap next to the cabinet within easy reach.
  3. You can mount the cabinet 5 cm away from the wall to give you over 10 cm of space for piping.